Discover Scandinavian style – where nature meets functionality

Discover Scandinavian style – where nature meets functionalityScandinavian style has become a permanent part of our homes and has not turned out to be just another passing fad. It is an extremely and well thought-out way of interior design, where aesthetics, freshness and a natural look at objects come first. The philosophy of life creeps into the objects used in our homes. Let’s try to answer the question: what is so special about this style and what has enchanted so many Poles? Here are the characteristics of Scandinavian style interiors.

Light – we cannot lack it in a room decorated in Scandinavian style. Airy curtains made of transparent fabrics, light blinds, simple furniture with distinct wood texture, ecological accessories, fresh colours and natural patterns. All this ensures that everyone will find a piece of themselves in this style both in small flat and in a large house.

Ecology – it is an unquestionable value in developed countries, instilled from an early age both at home and at school. There is an awareness that it is not enough just o separate waste, but to organise shopping in such a way as to produce as little waste as possible. Products made of natural materials, which can be better used in the future than plastics that do not decompose in natural way, are chosen. In a home where Scandinavian style dominates, materials such as wood, wicker, wool, linen or non-toxic paints cannot be omitted. We combine all these elements in our wicker baskets. They are hand-woven from natural wicker, painted with ecological paints and trimmed with natural fabrics. This is how our collection of white and grey baskets was created, which includes: white and grey wicker trunk with soft cushion and hem, wicker stair basket, white and grey wicker shopping basket with hem, wicker breadbox, wicker storage basket, wicker pet bed, wicker cat box, wicker tray, wicker bicycle basket and many other interesting items that will become a complement to a Scandinavian interior.

Health – a priceless value, which we also cherish by surrounding ourselves with ecological items. Non-toxic materials reduce the so frequent risk of allergies, do not pose a threat of radiation, regulate the level of humidity in rooms. All this creates a coherent picture of a healthy atmosphere at home.

Functionality – we always dream about it. We can achieve neatness and order without much effort by placing simple furniture in bright rooms. We’ve thought of adding beautiful wicker baskets to the shelves of each solid rack. These simple white and grey storage boxes, lined with natural fabrics, will help you organise your daily essentials. A wicker chest in the bedroom or children’s room is indispensable for cushions or toys, and a basket in the kitchen with fruit and vegetables encourages healthy snacking.